Sunday, March 7, 2010


I've only started to read Dilbert recently, it's quite amusing actually (although I have to admit I enjoy Garfield much more). The best part about Dilbert comic is that you could relate it back to office work :P haha... here are some nice ones (go to for more):

I did???
Kesian the intern... true, no one takes them seriously
Reminds me of back in UTP when one lecturer spent 20min just on one slide!!!
I can totally relate to this...~!

P.S.: Enjoy your weekend ;)

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HARITH said...

yes..dlu time xkeje..garfield can be the best related to us when we were having our breaks from studies..then dilbet can come in as we are living in our daily working routine life..the intern life is so much true to say in our experiences..then..our opinion mostly and likely would be rejected always when we are the new species in the office and not the favorite one :P