Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love in Disguise

Reasons to watch this movie:
1- It's a romantic comedy (so you don't have to think much)
2- It's directed by Wang Lee Hom himself (his 1st movie), which he won the Best New Director for it
3- The theme song to this movie is amazingly beautiful (which I think Lee Hom wrote too)
4- It has a happy ending... yay~
5- You'll get a good exposure on Chinese music

but most of all, you know the MAIN reason to watch this is because:
there's Wang Lee Hom acting in it!!! haha... dduuhh...

Plot? You can just google it up. Should you really watch? I say yes! haha... btw, here's the theme song to the movie... YOUTUBE LINK HERE (dunno somehow I cant embed or share the video here) anyway... even if you don't understand the lyric, you know the music is beautifully arranged. hee~

Friday, February 4, 2011

loving my new bag~!

My previous handbag got stolen last year (yes, stolen! in a surau!) It was a nice dark brown Sisley bag...I do miss it. So for the past few months I've been menge'pow' my mom's and maklong's bags. No, I just pick the cheap ones (giler ke nak pinjam Bonia, Coach, LV sume?!).

But... finally I've bought a new one to replace it... ta-daa~!:

Absolutely LOVE it! Plus, it was on CNY sale at jusco, and I got it at 50% off! huhu. I'm definitely in love with it... love the subtle color, no loud CR evrywhere to tell it's Carlo Rino, love the design on it, love the shape of the bag itself, the wide space inside it, every little details like that metallic buckles, the CR chain and that band tied across the front, the squiggly opening, the pink lining inside~!!!

I am so happy this didn't even go beyond RM150. And like my dear said... this should be a reward for myself for the 3 months in Skudai~