Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love in Disguise

Reasons to watch this movie:
1- It's a romantic comedy (so you don't have to think much)
2- It's directed by Wang Lee Hom himself (his 1st movie), which he won the Best New Director for it
3- The theme song to this movie is amazingly beautiful (which I think Lee Hom wrote too)
4- It has a happy ending... yay~
5- You'll get a good exposure on Chinese music

but most of all, you know the MAIN reason to watch this is because:
there's Wang Lee Hom acting in it!!! haha... dduuhh...

Plot? You can just google it up. Should you really watch? I say yes! haha... btw, here's the theme song to the movie... YOUTUBE LINK HERE (dunno somehow I cant embed or share the video here) anyway... even if you don't understand the lyric, you know the music is beautifully arranged. hee~

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