Monday, September 7, 2009

Bits and pieces...#3

When I'm too lazy to write but still want to update my blog, I would just do 'bits and pieces' :P hehe...

1. I wanted to write bout my trip to Kelip-Kelip at Kg Kuantan early last month... but then a picture is worth a thousand words~!:

The event was Kem Kesedaran Alam Sekitar for secondary school kids, and I was privileged enough to get to join. So much new experience... handle budak2, 1st time naik sampan kat sungai (En. Azizan and En. Harith... don't laugh!!!), gotong royong bersihkan masjid, 1st time masuk hutan paya bakau and most amazing of all: to watch keilp-kelip at night =) it was abosolutely beautiful...the kelip-kelip berlampu and padam serentak...~!

I would truly recommend others to go there as well... I think there are more foreigners than local ppl, maybe they know how to appreciate it more than we do. It cost only RM40 per sampan, and each sampan can accomodate 4 person.

2. Just want to share this piece of notice in case anyone is interested to join:

Hmm... I guess the notice is not very clear here... anyway, MERCY Malaysia is looking for volunteers for its humanitarian conference in Nov 2009. For more info, follow this link.

3. If a person is in a relationship, engaged or married, is it right for him/her to text, call, chat or email constantly with another person of the opposite gender, with the alasan: ala...kawan je. I don't think so~! Now this is NOT happening to me (repeat: NOT~! kang ada plak yg salah phm), but I see it happening around me during my internship and when I'm working now. If you have that much time to keep in touch with that person, why not with your own partner? No wonder there is rise in divorce cases in recent years.


I watched Up~! and love it soooo much. It's cuter than Finding Nemo, nicer than Toy Story or Cars, and more exciting than The Incredibles~! Love it.... thank you for recommending it (you know who you are...klau mention name nnti kembang plak =P). And even better, after a great movie...a meal at Sushi King =D