Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I want to learn baking~!

Found these pictures while searching for a chocolate muffin recipe for my mom. Jelesnyer!!!! Makes me wish I'm taking culinary art instead of engineering. Huhu.

Nikon camera cake

Money machine cake

and my fave...

For more interesting pictures, go to stranges-world.blogspot.com

P.S.: Anyone got a gerenti-sedap recipe for chocolate muffin???

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tagged by Kak Faeeza

The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people.

I am: an engineering student at the moment

I really want to go: Cameron Highland again maybe??? I don't mind going anywhere as long as I'm with loved ones =)

My fave place:

My fave drinks:

I love both coffee and tea.... the smell of coffee is just soooo hmmm..~~~ and it helps to boost up for the day (to stay up and to annoy Gta =p), but tea is absolutely great for relaxing (love tea plantation!)

My fave food:

Yumm~ the pictures are appetizing enough... durian, ebiko and moist chocolate cake

My fave colour: a hint of purple, red, brown, maroon and fuchia...

My fave show:

My hobbies:

Reading, doing cross-stitch and solving jigsaw puzzles (last picture there is my fave jigsaw, now hanging in the living room =D)

My wishes: (yang ni banyak skit =P)

1. To work as engineer

2. To be great at cooking... and not just malay cuisines! =D

3. To be able to speak at least 5 languages fluently (target: French, Arabic & Mandarin)

4. To persuade Gta to buy me a Smart2two!!! hahaha....

5. Last, but most importantly, to have a happy family of my own (see the happy faces?! =P)

Alrite, I would like to tag: Rezita Syarina, Azizan, Husna, Rosli, Siti Khatijah & Illy Maznah. Have fun =P

P.S.: Congratz again to Kak Faeeza...moga bahagia ke anak cucu cicit piut~ =D

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Books vs. Movies

Hmm...just an I'm-bored-but-I-have-so-much-work-to-do entry =P Anyway, the whole discussion started when my beloved rumet wanted to recommend good fiction books to Zaid. So...here's my conclusion on whether the stories are better in book or movie version:

1. Princess Diaries - prefer the movie...the story is milder here and suits everyone. The book is more...umm...well, not mild... where she is actually an illegitimate child, her dad is not dead but can't have another child (that's why she ended up as princess), her grandma is mean, and her mom is quite a reckless person.

2. The Da Vinci Code... definitely the book!!! I couldn't put the book down when reading it, and finished it within 2 days.

3. Memoirs of a Geisha...hmm...I think I like the book better. There's more details to it, helps you to understand the culture and situation nicely...like how exposing the little bit of skin at the wrist and at the back of the neck is considered sexy and alluring. But the movie is not bad either.

4. Confession of a Shopaholic - prefer the movie...it's sweet...kinda revolves around the green scarf a bit, and yea the story is not very logical...I mean she slapped the guy after pretending to be able to speak Finnish, and the guy liked her?!?!?!... but anyway, it's sweet.

5. Twilight - huhu...obviously the book. There's a bit too much staring-at-each-other-longingly in the movie. It surprise me that I couldn't put the book down when reading it...the story is simple and there's no real twist to it...and yet, I couldn't even put down Eclipse.

6. Devil Wears Prada - the movie. The book kinda continued on and on about her being busy and having her priorities all messed up, ...seeing it on screen is much nicer rather than reading through the story.

7. Harry Potter - hmm...the books are great before Harry got all PMS (starting from 5th book I think)... the best book so far in my opinion is the 4th, but the best movie is the 3rd. The 5th movie isn't bad either...the scene at the ministry was cool. Looking forward to the 6th movie this year...~!

8. Lord of the Rings - hahaha...I never even finish reading the books! =P So i prefer the movie (obviously!)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Met =)

This entry is dedicated to the person whom I had the pleasure of sharing a room with for the past 3 years... my roommate, Rezita Syarina

I know we hardly say nice things about each other (that would cause either one of us to puke or hidung kembang gler). And we never hug... eh jap... yup2, we never hug. But it's been more than a pleasure to have you as a roomate and good friend, and to be a major part of my life (obviously I would NEVER EVER FOREVER EVER say this in front of you!...hahaha).

You know and understand me a lot, more than others do (apart from my own family and Azizan la)... and always sense my mood and able to cheer me up. You're a great fun to go shoe shopping with, to watch American Idol (yea...Anoop made to the top 13!), to chat with, to do aerobic, to share novels and just to go crazy with. With you, the theory of time limit doesn't apply... and I'm comfortable to be myself (even after a dose of coffee!!! hee~).

Tinggal about 4 months je to still be roommates (more than enough time to drive you nuts!)... Here's a bunch of TQs: thank you never minding the mess I made, for coming around to Balok during internship, for having me to stay at your house when I went to KB, ... and basically to have me as your roommate and friend (terharu kn~... aww...*puke*).

Wait... if anyone happened to be her next roommate (or husband trus la...huhu), I have a few things to warn you about her:

1- Don't be suprised (or scared!) if she started laughing sorang2 crazily after she had derma darah that day... it just somehow make her high! Huhu.

2- If you've seen her pictures...don't panic!!! She does NOT have any neck problem... she just can't keep it straight in front of camera.

3- It is perfectly normal that she prefers sushi over nasi kerabu anytime (but yes, she is Kelantanese).

Lastly, may this birthday not only make you older, but also wiser...(it may however be the more reason you would not get duit raya!) and... may it not only make you happy, but also grateful for all the things you have in life.


P.S. To those who may not know... remember back in foundation when we stayed in Tembungo?... there was someone playing mercun dengan bisingnyer pepagi on our last day of the sem... that was HER!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Notice how we ALWAYS waste energy?!?! Come on la... don't lie. I know the laptop and computers are left switched on overnight... and the next day, and the next day. And the ceiling fans in our hostel rooms are left on even when we're out... yea... I know, the weather here is #@$%!@ hot. I do them too =( the sad irony is that the hot weather is due to global warming - caused by us in the first place!

How about the smaller things like: not switching off the switch even when the kettle is done boiling or phone is charged full bar. Or not making the least effort to switch off the lights at the corridors as we walked out to lectures. Or making sure the doors are properly closed in rooms that are air-conditioned (seen it a lot at IRC).

So let's start somewhere... and here's another suggestion: Let's support the Earth Hour 2009.

Sign up for Earth Hour! - PARTICIPATING: Syafiqa Mohd Saleh

Earth Hour 2009 by WWF - Sign up for Earth Hour!

The Earth Hour started off in 2007, in Sydney, where 2.2 million homes and businesses switched off their lights for one hour. In 2008, the world joined in with about 50 million people switching off their lights... along with famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and the Colosseum in Rome. This year, the goal is to reach 1 billion people worldwide to join in =D

All you need to do is switch off your lights for one hour... from 830 - 930pm on Saturday, 28 March 2009. Just imagine the amount energy saved if the whole world participate along, even for just one hour!!! And hey... let's spread the word, maybe we could even convince the Rector to switch off the lights at the new acad building for one hour!!! Huhu.

Come on... there's not much work required here.... spread the news and switch off the lights. At least it's the first step to saving our earth.

Note to fellow engineers-to-be: We learn all those things like heat integration, plant design, heat transfer, process optimisation which mainly aims to save energy anyway. And it's a very ethical thing to do, even on basis of both Kantian and Utilitarian theory!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Away Day

I was at the top of my stress level last week when I couldn't figure out MATLAB, my FYP experiments provide no significant result (it's already week 6!!!), my PDP instrument & control design need to be done soon... plus add to that lecturers decided it's a good time to add more projects, and I'm struggling to find a job. I know 5 years here is supposed to get me used to this pressure... still... final sem @#%$#%!!! (this blog is rated U =P)

Anyway, to get away from UTP for a day was the best stress reliever, and what better place than Cameron Highland!

Beautiful view, great weather =) ...note to self, buy a vacation home there if salary reach 5-figure

SK Convent... old building, nicely preserved

Cantik kan!!! Sadly I have no talent whatsoever to take care of them

Absolutely breathtaking view the BOH plantation (a must-see place)

Spending a day there, to just enjoy the weather and exploring the towns, was a great experience. The BOH plantation is definitely a must-see place. There's the factory tour, walking through the tea plants and enjoying the view while sipping tea...! Ooh, sadly, I found out that I could never be a tea taster...hmm... that's one career option out.

A special thanks to the driver + tour guide + bestest friend for the trip =) I had a great time. I know running through the suddenly pouring rain wasn't part of the plan... but that was fun! =)

Alrite... back to MATLAB (but with less stress, of course =P)