Monday, March 2, 2009

Away Day

I was at the top of my stress level last week when I couldn't figure out MATLAB, my FYP experiments provide no significant result (it's already week 6!!!), my PDP instrument & control design need to be done soon... plus add to that lecturers decided it's a good time to add more projects, and I'm struggling to find a job. I know 5 years here is supposed to get me used to this pressure... still... final sem @#%$#%!!! (this blog is rated U =P)

Anyway, to get away from UTP for a day was the best stress reliever, and what better place than Cameron Highland!

Beautiful view, great weather =) ...note to self, buy a vacation home there if salary reach 5-figure

SK Convent... old building, nicely preserved

Cantik kan!!! Sadly I have no talent whatsoever to take care of them

Absolutely breathtaking view the BOH plantation (a must-see place)

Spending a day there, to just enjoy the weather and exploring the towns, was a great experience. The BOH plantation is definitely a must-see place. There's the factory tour, walking through the tea plants and enjoying the view while sipping tea...! Ooh, sadly, I found out that I could never be a tea taster...hmm... that's one career option out.

A special thanks to the driver + tour guide + bestest friend for the trip =) I had a great time. I know running through the suddenly pouring rain wasn't part of the plan... but that was fun! =)

Alrite... back to MATLAB (but with less stress, of course =P)


Illy said...

sbb tak beli stoberi kan...

ade beli teh for me?

kalau tade... i jadikan blog ni rated R

reSya said...

n sy jd rumet terbiar pd hari itu

sms_topaz said...

illy: i end up buying camomile drink instead of tea.. not bad, dtng la, i make u a cup =)

gta: aww...sian met. xpe2, nnti klau nx trip gi lumut or pangkor plak kte g sama ye. huhu.

Illy said...

gi pangkor jgn x ajak~!

yes.. dapat camomile..

blog ni rated U balik..


Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

nk strawberyy :D!!!yum2 :D!!