Monday, March 23, 2009

Tagged by Kak Faeeza

The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people.

I am: an engineering student at the moment

I really want to go: Cameron Highland again maybe??? I don't mind going anywhere as long as I'm with loved ones =)

My fave place:

My fave drinks:

I love both coffee and tea.... the smell of coffee is just soooo hmmm..~~~ and it helps to boost up for the day (to stay up and to annoy Gta =p), but tea is absolutely great for relaxing (love tea plantation!)

My fave food:

Yumm~ the pictures are appetizing enough... durian, ebiko and moist chocolate cake

My fave colour: a hint of purple, red, brown, maroon and fuchia...

My fave show:

My hobbies:

Reading, doing cross-stitch and solving jigsaw puzzles (last picture there is my fave jigsaw, now hanging in the living room =D)

My wishes: (yang ni banyak skit =P)

1. To work as engineer

2. To be great at cooking... and not just malay cuisines! =D

3. To be able to speak at least 5 languages fluently (target: French, Arabic & Mandarin)

4. To persuade Gta to buy me a Smart2two!!! hahaha....

5. Last, but most importantly, to have a happy family of my own (see the happy faces?! =P)

Alrite, I would like to tag: Rezita Syarina, Azizan, Husna, Rosli, Siti Khatijah & Illy Maznah. Have fun =P

P.S.: Congratz again to Kak Faeeza...moga bahagia ke anak cucu cicit piut~ =D


[Azizan Ramly] said...

waa.. u have many free time yer to answer with picture.. :D

Illy said...

thanx for the tag. i badly need the inspiration..

sms_topaz said...

hehe...mmg rule kene answer wit Google Image pun... tp main tipu skit la (moist choc cake pic taken straight from secret recipe website =P)

korang jgn lupa buat tag tu!!! jgn x buat =P

reSya said...

tag yg susah~

Illy said...

durian, durian, durian...

dah buat tag

moroka said...

too bad internet kat bilik is not that good. kalau x dh bleh buat tag ni. mcm interesting je. huhu.