Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Met =)

This entry is dedicated to the person whom I had the pleasure of sharing a room with for the past 3 years... my roommate, Rezita Syarina

I know we hardly say nice things about each other (that would cause either one of us to puke or hidung kembang gler). And we never hug... eh jap... yup2, we never hug. But it's been more than a pleasure to have you as a roomate and good friend, and to be a major part of my life (obviously I would NEVER EVER FOREVER EVER say this in front of you!...hahaha).

You know and understand me a lot, more than others do (apart from my own family and Azizan la)... and always sense my mood and able to cheer me up. You're a great fun to go shoe shopping with, to watch American Idol (yea...Anoop made to the top 13!), to chat with, to do aerobic, to share novels and just to go crazy with. With you, the theory of time limit doesn't apply... and I'm comfortable to be myself (even after a dose of coffee!!! hee~).

Tinggal about 4 months je to still be roommates (more than enough time to drive you nuts!)... Here's a bunch of TQs: thank you never minding the mess I made, for coming around to Balok during internship, for having me to stay at your house when I went to KB, ... and basically to have me as your roommate and friend (terharu kn~... aww...*puke*).

Wait... if anyone happened to be her next roommate (or husband trus la...huhu), I have a few things to warn you about her:

1- Don't be suprised (or scared!) if she started laughing sorang2 crazily after she had derma darah that day... it just somehow make her high! Huhu.

2- If you've seen her pictures...don't panic!!! She does NOT have any neck problem... she just can't keep it straight in front of camera.

3- It is perfectly normal that she prefers sushi over nasi kerabu anytime (but yes, she is Kelantanese).

Lastly, may this birthday not only make you older, but also wiser...(it may however be the more reason you would not get duit raya!) and... may it not only make you happy, but also grateful for all the things you have in life.


P.S. To those who may not know... remember back in foundation when we stayed in Tembungo?... there was someone playing mercun dengan bisingnyer pepagi on our last day of the sem... that was HER!!!!


reSya said...

gile trharu
n gelak cam org gile td~
da ler duk sorg~
tp still
tenkiu metttttttttt~~

Illy said...

haaa~! itu die ke? mane g-ta.. nak sekeh ni..

to geets: epi bday..

and r u serius? you guys never hugged? amazing giler.. tp maybe sbb i jenis ratu air mate.. so i get all the hugs i need. :P