Saturday, March 21, 2009

Books vs. Movies

Hmm...just an I'm-bored-but-I-have-so-much-work-to-do entry =P Anyway, the whole discussion started when my beloved rumet wanted to recommend good fiction books to Zaid.'s my conclusion on whether the stories are better in book or movie version:

1. Princess Diaries - prefer the movie...the story is milder here and suits everyone. The book is more...umm...well, not mild... where she is actually an illegitimate child, her dad is not dead but can't have another child (that's why she ended up as princess), her grandma is mean, and her mom is quite a reckless person.

2. The Da Vinci Code... definitely the book!!! I couldn't put the book down when reading it, and finished it within 2 days.

3. Memoirs of a Geisha...hmm...I think I like the book better. There's more details to it, helps you to understand the culture and situation how exposing the little bit of skin at the wrist and at the back of the neck is considered sexy and alluring. But the movie is not bad either.

4. Confession of a Shopaholic - prefer the's sweet...kinda revolves around the green scarf a bit, and yea the story is not very logical...I mean she slapped the guy after pretending to be able to speak Finnish, and the guy liked her?!?!?!... but anyway, it's sweet.

5. Twilight - huhu...obviously the book. There's a bit too much staring-at-each-other-longingly in the movie. It surprise me that I couldn't put the book down when reading it...the story is simple and there's no real twist to it...and yet, I couldn't even put down Eclipse.

6. Devil Wears Prada - the movie. The book kinda continued on and on about her being busy and having her priorities all messed up, ...seeing it on screen is much nicer rather than reading through the story.

7. Harry Potter - hmm...the books are great before Harry got all PMS (starting from 5th book I think)... the best book so far in my opinion is the 4th, but the best movie is the 3rd. The 5th movie isn't bad either...the scene at the ministry was cool. Looking forward to the 6th movie this year...~!

8. Lord of the Rings - hahaha...I never even finish reading the books! =P So i prefer the movie (obviously!)


Jazlin Ernida said...

u dah tengok confession of the shopaholic ke? best nye. nak tengok jugak!

sms_topaz said...

tgk la alin...! it's nice. i like dat the mannequins at the shops tu sume bergerak...persuasive power dia sgt mantap =P

peeja said...

hye syefi..kite tuka header blog kite utk kamu!hehe

sms_topaz said...

hahaha...mekaseh bett =P terharu~~~

Illy said...

lotr... jgn kate buku.. the movies pun i tak pernah khatam.... :P