Saturday, November 13, 2010

Count your blessings...

There's a resturant at Taman Universiti at Skudai where we like to go here... its mee hotplate is quite nice (I think I'll do an entry on food while I'm here~=P). We got to know the place thanks to one of the staff who took us there after our games of badminton (our normal activity every Tuesday and Friday night~huhu... my bit of exercise to make up for a whole week of eating and being a nerd~).

There's a pakcik selling otak-otak there. The first time I saw him I felt like crying (maybe I was just being emotional). His tactic was quite smart really... since not many would buy otak-otak from gerai for what he did was put a few of them in a small basket on your obviously some people would eat at least one or two while waiting for their order. And yes, the otak-otak are really nice, plus they are served while still hot.

What really touched me was his effort. He sells the otak-otak alone. So he would be membakar them... them go around seeing who would potentially eat and put on their table... then go around surveying again seeing who eats, who doesnt and collect back all those baskets and his money. He moves around non-stop the whole night working and surveying... and for all his hard work, he earns 50sen per otak-otak.

I know some ppl might sell otak-otak at cheaper price (so his profit might not be so bad), and there are ppl in worse condition out there... but I still felt so ashamed... I can sit comfortably and know that my salary would be banked in at the end of the month. I'm not saying makan gaji buta... but the thought that I don't need to do what he does, I earn more and yet I still complain sometimes... hmm...

Count your blessings... if Allah give your more rezeki than others, don't forget to give back. Your money and knowledge are not really yours...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

korean love songs mode ;)

At home for the weekend... I miss the good times listening korean songs with my rumet and the rest of the housemates in UTP. Gta would go to the extent of annoying me with all the latest suju news, while faezah and jann would be so bersemangat to try out wonder girls' dance.... I miss you people so much, and your insanity too~

Anyway, back home now for the weekend and definitely not in the mood to read papers... soooo... hehe... I wanna share 3 of my fave korean love songs for now (which I wouldn't mind listening to again and again... for now la)... note: english subtitle provided.

1. No Other by Super Junior

2. Can't Let You Go Even If I Die by 2AM (I know...sounds a bit too dramatic, but it sounds real good)

3. Unforgettable by DBSK (old song... but still nice)

huhu... OK, off to bed... bersemangat kene rajinkan diri baca papers esok~!