Saturday, November 6, 2010

korean love songs mode ;)

At home for the weekend... I miss the good times listening korean songs with my rumet and the rest of the housemates in UTP. Gta would go to the extent of annoying me with all the latest suju news, while faezah and jann would be so bersemangat to try out wonder girls' dance.... I miss you people so much, and your insanity too~

Anyway, back home now for the weekend and definitely not in the mood to read papers... soooo... hehe... I wanna share 3 of my fave korean love songs for now (which I wouldn't mind listening to again and again... for now la)... note: english subtitle provided.

1. No Other by Super Junior

2. Can't Let You Go Even If I Die by 2AM (I know...sounds a bit too dramatic, but it sounds real good)

3. Unforgettable by DBSK (old song... but still nice)

huhu... OK, off to bed... bersemangat kene rajinkan diri baca papers esok~!

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