Sunday, October 31, 2010

From UTM...

Currently in Johor for my attachment at AMTEC UTM for 3 months. What's AMTEC? It's advanced Membrane Technology Centre. What am I doing here? To get exposure on membranes.

Do I like it here? Yes... Prof, the staffs and all the Masters and Phd students are so friendly and willing to teach and share. I learn so much about membrane materials and fabrications, eventho it's just been 2 weeks. And there's even more to learn... dope formulation, all the different treatments, effect of additive, casting and spinning rate, etc etc etc... I honestly think it's impossible to learn all within just 3 months!

But, I do get terribly homesick. I miss my mom, my dad, my brothers, my meow, and my dear a lot. I know... Johor je kot~ haihh...~

Anyway, might as well take the opportunity to get the best out of the attachment~! Hopefully I get to fulfill paper writing KPI too... and... pergi berjalan2 around here. Singapore maybe??? ;)


reSya said...

your second paragraph... i have no idea what you're talking about. LOL.

sms_topaz said...

haha... kesimpulannyer met i nvr knew membrane fabrication could be so complex. the more i read the more dumber i feel (trust me it's possible!!!)... terasa mcm fyp balik when result experiment jd mcm lain~~~ haha