Sunday, October 10, 2010

Songs I grew up listening to...

I've been listening to westlife since they first debut. Not a die-hard fan...but I do enjoy listening to them. Yes, they do tend to make covers of other ppl's what... they still sound great. =P

Found this clip on youtube the other day. It's kinda like a walk down memory lane growing up listening to this boyband. (Tu blm kira bsb, spice girls, nsync, britney lg =p). Cant believe it's been more than 10 years since they debut! Oh dear... I feel old. I guess this is what it's like for my parents who love those oldies stuff... I can totally relate nw! =p

Anyway, this performance clip is really nice cause it's just acoustic...n it's a mix of their popular songs. The last one is quite recent (i just found out too~! Haha...told you im no die-hard fan). Love this part of the lyric:

"Everyday's another first, another chance to fall in love with you...and I do"...

Aww... jiwang mode??? =P

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reSya said...

awwww. u make me wanna download all of their songs now~!