Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bits and pieces ... #4

1. Finally got the shoes that I want~!!!! No, I didn't splurge mindlessly... I followed Gta's 'One Week Rule' (where if sampai seminggu still teringat2 bter beli je), plus my dear kata 'GET' and my mom kata 'tak salah nk merasa duit gaji sndiri' :P huhu... so anyway, ta-daa~!!!!:

2. I'm so happy I get to do something I've always wanted - to volunteer for Mercy.

Definitely a great experience - getting to meet wonderful ppl from different backgrounds, getting to see Dr Jemilah and Dr Faizal in person (sadly, my camera rosak, forgot to bring diff. camera and my phone wasn't canggih enough =P).... the most incredible thing is that the whole event was mostly put together by volunteers and it went so smoothly. Thank you for the opportunity, I look forward to volunteering more =)

3. Which brings me to fact that I'm totally grateful to my dear and my parents. My parents have taught me to be independent, especially my mom who encourages me to pursue whatever I want while I'm still young. My dear pulak gave me the best gift when dia paksa (yes, bukan ajar...paksa~! hehe) me to know how to drive around city centre. Thanks to them, the volunteering is made possible. Yes, I do get sesat once in a while... but you learn more when you're sesat rite? hehe... anyway, thanks to them I can look forward to joining all those classes I want to join.

4. Khalisah's mom just had a surgery...let's pray that she gets better soon.

5. Two weeks left to leaving TNBR... going to miss this place a lot.

6. Recently, I got to know a person who isn't used to be away from home. I guess I can understand situation dia not being used to it, but it takes time to get adjusted anyway. Lesson learnt: (1) don't expect others to put themselves into our shoes all the time, there's a limit to patience and being understanding... (2) you won't stay in your comfort zone forever (3) most importantly, the world does not revolves around you... if you think you have problems, trust me there are ppl out there with much worse problems that you do.

7. My parents and maksu will be going off for hajj soon. Hope all goes well... in the meantime, I would have to be the manager rumah (title ma'am besar dah diambik meow =P).

Friday, November 6, 2009

Must-visit site

While trying to read on world issues, I came upon the National Geographic website and ended up spending hours going through it. There's so much things that you read about... history, environment, cultures, space, animals.... you name it~!!!

In line with their tagline 'Inspiring People to Care about the Planet' the pictures are all breathtakingly beautiful! I do feel somewhat inspired =P huhu... for those who loves photography, you'll love it even more, click on this link---> Photography. I even downloaded a few of the wallpapers:

The one with the iceberg is currently my fave and up on as my wallpaper right now =).

Anyway, here's interesting articles regarding the 2012 theories... wonder what's with 2012 really? the source of all the hoo haa?!?!?! Click on this link ---> Countdown to Armageddon. You don't have to believe it, esp if you're a Muslim... but it's good general knowledge.

This one is also interesting: Green Guide. It provides tips, ideas and buying guides on what we could do to save the environment.

There's waaaay toooo much to see on this website~!!! Love it.