Friday, November 6, 2009

Must-visit site

While trying to read on world issues, I came upon the National Geographic website and ended up spending hours going through it. There's so much things that you read about... history, environment, cultures, space, animals.... you name it~!!!

In line with their tagline 'Inspiring People to Care about the Planet' the pictures are all breathtakingly beautiful! I do feel somewhat inspired =P huhu... for those who loves photography, you'll love it even more, click on this link---> Photography. I even downloaded a few of the wallpapers:

The one with the iceberg is currently my fave and up on as my wallpaper right now =).

Anyway, here's interesting articles regarding the 2012 theories... wonder what's with 2012 really? the source of all the hoo haa?!?!?! Click on this link ---> Countdown to Armageddon. You don't have to believe it, esp if you're a Muslim... but it's good general knowledge.

This one is also interesting: Green Guide. It provides tips, ideas and buying guides on what we could do to save the environment.

There's waaaay toooo much to see on this website~!!! Love it.

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