Friday, March 19, 2010

Am I a researcher?

Haha... the question that's been playing in my head for the past few months. Truth be told, my dream job would be working in a process plant... to see columns and reactors every day. But instead, I've been in R&D field since July... from TNBR to PRSB.

"...and it may be you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know." (Surah Al-Baqarah: 216)

I still like to remind myself of that verse above... it has proven true before - turned out I'm more suited for engineering rather than medical field. Zaid said this job suited me... and Alin commented I sounded passionate about what I'm doing. I never even noticed that, thanks for pointing it out =) ... who knows maybe this research field really is suited for me... or maybe it's a stepping stone for other things... for now I'm still figuring it out ... should I pursue Master? and PhD? or pursue Professional Engineer status? or all?! huhu.

Although I'm still all confused bout that, but today I realized how much I like being around the people of PRSB. Most of the people are friendly, with interesting personality and have all sorts of knowledge to share and talk about. It's the interesting conversations that keep me happy and excited to work there.

For example this morning during breakfast we had a discussion on an article in National Geographic magazine on one of the sects in Christianity. Later during the day, Doc Azman borak and talked about membranes and the difference of drinking water, RO and mineral water... which then had the topic moved on to millionaires and celebrities! There have been all sorts of topics for the past 3 months I'm there: Golden Ratio, King Tut, places to visit in Europe, world news, untouchables, GPS, Harry Potter... There were even times when the discussion would be reminiscing the school days or UTP or even the past telenovelas and dramas (Mis Tres Hermanas, Betty La Fia, Winter Sonata =P) . I even had a crash course on all the different types of coffee and the advantages of investing in ASB over a meal! huhu...

Yea... sounds a bit nerdy with all those facts, but that really excites me. I guess that's one of the reasons why I love my dear (there're many more reasons of course - maybe even more than the Avogadro's number~! =P) ... we would debate and make up all sort of theories and I often learn something new. And Rumet and Afiq are fun to talk about all the weird facts too...

Anyway... so, am I suited to be a researcher? Only Allah knows... for now might as well make the best of it...

P.S.: I'm sure you would have seen this water tank beside MRR2. Been wondering how it is supported, anyone knows???


iLLy said...

that pipe is supported by the water flowing out of it. it's actually a beam. hehehe.. :)

sms_topaz said...

illy, i like ur first answer... by the water haha. reminds me of teka-teki masa skolah dulu:
Q: Dlm bnyk2 binatang, binatang apa paling kuat?
A: Cicak! sbb dia tahan ceiling tu!!! haha :P

HARITH said...

byk la thn siling..haha

masuk jua gmbar tu dlm blog ini..haha