Sunday, March 21, 2010

About a whole lot of nothing

Really.. this entry is a just a whole lot of rambling... gler rajin update blog so fast kn... but no, this is just ada keje - tp malas buat keje - malas nk buat pape syndrome (let's put that in acronym - AKTMBKMNBPS!!! haha... no, I'm not on cofee =P).

Went to book fair today... thanks to my dear for putting up with me and made sure we went to every hall, every row and corners of the fair. To me, it was a disappointment... I even texted Kevin and Rafiq not to go haha! It depends on what you're looking for actually... if you want to get mari belajar membaca books, or buku rujukan SPM or books on motivasi and agama, then there're deinitely a lot. I found a book I was interested in... History of Islam... but it was sold at RM150 (I can get it for RM90 at MPH) ...which shows fairs aren't necessarily cheap. In the end, at least I got A Thousand Splendid Suns novel.

My spaghetti don't turn out right today, forgot to buy tomatoes and turns out it was the wrong pasta (I read somewhere there are 600 pasta shapes in Italy?! cool right!), so I forced my brothers to finish it up. hehe.

Anyway, I watched re-run of American Idol on tv while having dinner (how come sometimes eventhough Astro has more than 50 channels but there's nothing good on?!?!)... it's really disappointing that Alex Lambert didn't even make it to the top 12. I mean seriously?! His voice is so effortlessly great... compared to some others that can't really sing (sorry Alin, I'm not a fan of Casey James huhu). Hmm... is this year's Idol still worth watching? To me, the best and most memorable performance in Idol ever would be David Cook's version of Always Be My Baby (followed by his version of Hello, and third is Kris Allen's version of Heartless).

Mak, abah and ubi are coming back tomorrow... can't wait for my souvenirs!!! huhu.. if only you really can bring back a piece of the actual pyramid or the mummy back. =P Ooh.. my aunt called to inform that someone broke into her car while she went to pasar malam. So everyone, especially ladies, pls be careful~!

Lastly... Met, I know you just had the best time of your life getting to be so close to Suju... upload pics pls! And Alin, enjoy your time as much as possible while you're here ;) hehe... have a safe journey back to Miri korang~!

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