Sunday, April 11, 2010

Small things can make you happy =)

So true~! I've been somewhat annoyed and bit stressed lately, mostly due to having to help organize an event which is closing near. My dear rumet would know how I hate being nagged and ordered around (ye, I'm gila kuasa myself hahaha - imagine Shin Chan's laugh :P). But thankfully, there have been lots of small things that kept me distracted and happy this week:

1. Getting to see my dear at the end of the day (which always manage to put a smile on my face - yea, jiwang watever biarla suka hati :P)

2. Positive people like Aida and Jay around to constantly remind me to put up a forcefield shield around me and bounce off all the negativity (sound effect - shing ting shiiing~!)

3. Enthusiastic people... there are a lot actually :) plus, I have my family at home :)

4. Found this video on YouTube, it's actually an advertisement for a mobile company. Thought it's so cool to have unsuspecting public looking all blur, confused and joined along~!:

5. Read up on Greek mythology after watching Clash of Titans... and it's so fascinating!!! (yea... I'm a nerd, I know :P)

6. Bully the meows everyday!

7. Lots of chocolates in the fridge

8. Eating Nando's (and watching my dear trying to control macho after eating Extra Hot Peri-Peri... hehe... dat was funny :P)

9. Got my new glasses... the world seems so much brighter!!!!

10. Woke up to drizzling rainy mornings.... love it!

11. Went for Bakti programme today. During break time the kids were giving us riddles... one that I can still remember:
Q. Ada laut besar, kat laut tu ada kapal besar, atas kapal tu ada rumah besar, dalam rumah tu ada orang besar... apa yang besar??? A: tipu besar :P
Hahaha... tak paham pun... but the kids are really fun to be around.

12. Got my road tax and insurance settled... thanks Mak :)

13. Finding out about Mai's engagement and Aqila's pregnancy :) congratz~!!!

14. Catching up with rumet, Khal, Datin, Rafiq, Kevin, Kak Oni, Shikin, Alin, and Syaima.

15. Solving logic puzzles (do try out the Einstein riddle!)

16. Wake up and finding there's still more time to sleep :)

17. Wearing my grey heels! :D

18. Window shopping at JJ Taman Maluri (my fave JJ for now ;) and finally I'm now a JCard member! huhu)

19. Looking forward to new episodes of Big Bang Theory and Glee

20. Finding money in my pocket... hehe... macam 'suprise'!!!

Hope there'll be more to the list next week ;)


iLLy said...


eyh, eyh... itu subsidiary t-systems tu, bangga i. ;)

Maaruf Mohamad said...

banyak kot small - small thing ko tu bile mix up adi few big things...
so, why worry so much?

sms_topaz said...

illy... tu your company ye? suh diorng buat dance camtu kat kl la~!!! huhu... leh join along ;)

maaruf... stuju~! stay happy always :D