Sunday, February 21, 2010

So much going on~!

I haven't update my blog for so long... maybe I'm just not into blogging anymore... hmm, we'll see. Anyway, so much have happened lately. Let's limit to only 10 (these are in no particular order) :

1. I'm now working for PRSB... starting to love it there. Yes, I still have to drive one hour to work and one hour back - but the positive side: (i) food is cheap~! I can get a complete lunch with just RM3!!! Huhu (try look for that at KLCC :P)... (ii) the ppl at PRSB are great to work with, and there's so much extra activities to be involved in; (iii) my work is still somewhat related to what I studied in UTP; (iv) I get to meet my dear everyday after work =)

2. I've gone for Kursus Kahwin... when I'm getting married? Only Allah knows.. ;) but personally, I was kinda disappointed by the kursus... I was hoping to learn more, or maybe some better input, especially on pengurusan kewangan, komunikasi and stress management. Some of the speakers weren't really prepared to give out lecture for the session. Ironically the part I learned most was bab penceraian :P

3. Kinda disappointed I won't get to go along on family holiday to Jordan-Egypt-Dubai this March, since I can't get 5 days leave... hmm, takde rezeki... maybe some other time.

4. Went for picnic at Sg. Sendat with few of PIPE52 ppl...

5. Celebrated Datin's birthday at Chili's, along with Aimi, Rafiq and Farid... can still remember the look on Datin's face when we asked the waiters to sing for her... she almost cried~! hahaha.

6. Had lunch with Illy at Ikea... thanks for the invite Illy =) next food adventure mana pulak?! Ooo... that was my first time going to The Curve~! Thanks my dear for the tour ;)

7. Volunteered for Mercy Fundraising for Haiti Earthquake campaign at Sungei Wang Plaza... that was my second time volunteering for the organisation, but it's nice to see some familiar faces again...Fatin, Jieha, Firdaus, En. Radzi... even Hali and Elie decided to join in. To be honest, fundraising is not fun... imagine standing for 4 hours at the lobby trying to get ppl donate money to charity - most ppl wld just say no, walk off or even pretend they don't see you! haha. But it was a great experience and we managed to collect a lot by the end of the day :)

Anyone wish to donate can go to for more info.

8. My mom was warded in hospital for about a week last month. I stayed to accompany her every night since Afiq took care of her during the day. I'm glad she's feeling much better now. Thank you everyone for your concern... Gta, Alin, Na (for your tips on curing batuk) , Kak Zai, Yuz, Harith, Kak Faeeza, and my dear (for visiting and air yassin).

9. Had the pleasure to lunch with Suzi, Hanim, Yanti, Salwa, Ain, Harith and Maaruf. At another time, Suzi and Harith took me to Kenny Rogers for lunch... which end up getting a free coupon worth rm50... which I ended up using yesterday for lunch with my dear ;)

10. Lastly... sadly by mid of February, I only managed to finish 2 books. Since office work requires me to read papers, patents, manuals, news, etc... I got somewhat lazy to read books by end of the day. Hmmm... the last of the last updates... my jaw is stuck! hehe... sounds funny rite...=P I can't eat burgers, sushi, go dentist or anything that requires me to open my mouth big enough until this gets better (only God knows when).

P.S: Congratulation to Kak Faeeza on the birth of the baby boy :) InsyAllah nanti nak dtg melawat. And congratz to Shikin too on your pregnancy~ take care k! :D


Mohd Hafizd said...

wah2...tulis blog mcm syle tun mahathir...snippet~

sms_topaz said...

hahaha... ada style tun ke? :P tp dia nyer ada isi berguna org ramai, ni jz random ramblings ;)

Jazlin Ernida said...

tak cerita pun ur jaw got stuck. get well soon syefi, take care :)

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

heee.thank u!ok, nnt dtg mlawat adam ye ;p get wel soon :)!

sms_topaz said...

thanks alin and kak faeeza... it's been a month nw and x baik lg pun, biar la, x ganggu mana... tkut nk gi doctor, tkut kene operate ke!!! haha.

kak faeeza, insyaAllah nnti dtng :)