Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I love online banking~!

Whoever was it that first thought of creating online banking system... THANK YOU~! you're a genius! It it so easy not having to go through the trouble of queuing up at pejabat pos to pay bills, trying to find phone top-up, or going to bank to transfer money. And the existence of debit card? Also a genius!!! Now I don't have to carry tons of money to go shopping or even to get the car serviced.

I love using maybank2u... you are such a convenience! Thank you =D I know not everyone trust the online system, my mom for example would never pay her bills online, but so far I have not yet faced any problem.

Just a short entry... happy that my broadband bill is paid... huhu. Ok, have to get back to my reading now.

P.S.: Ooohh... saw a blue-silver Smart car this morning on the way to work! Made today feel special :P haha.


Sweet_Purple said...

itu debit card haa..manyak interest maaa...hikhik :-D welcome to online world haa...byk duit fiqa ek..leh le hulur selai dua kat akak ajerr.. :-p~~ waakaka

sms_topaz said...

debit card ada interest ke??? tgk record xde dia potong pape pun?

HARITH said...

aku dh bg en.fauzan tgk blog ko..hahaha