Thursday, August 6, 2009

Team building at Ulu Pangsun

On the 25th and 26th of July, I had to attend the 1st session of team building (made compulsory to all TNBRians) at Ulu Pangsun. Klau tak silap, the place was an old generation station. The place was beautiful... banyak pokok2 buah - rambutan, duku, durian semua boleh makan fresh dari pokok =D

The area during the day and at night

The main activities were very much relaxed - jungle trekking, gotong royong, creativity show and sukaneka... and food were available all time. The jungle trekking was a new experience to me... biasa sebelum ni masuk hutan ada path, ni main redah je semua pokok2 naik bukit turun lurah.

Duk tepi sungai lepas letih jungle trekking

Dipaksa jadi model untuk creativity show

The sukaneka was fun - memula race amik durian, pastu lawan buat highest tower, then lumba kopek durian, then lumba makan plak... then last2 lumba kemas biji durian =P hahaha. I never knew I could open durian that fast... calar2 tangan nak menang punyer pasal. Huhu.

My team punyer durian tower

Overall, eventhough the team building did take my weekend away, it was an enjoyable experience. It was also a good platform for networking and to get to know other people.


Anonymous said...

hai sis
keje kt tnbr ek??
nad br abes training kt situ arituh
kt env unit

enjoy ur work there!

sms_topaz said...

hi nad~! :D
sygnyer nad dh kluar, klau x dpt jumpa... same la dpt env unit gak. huhu.

all d best on ur final year thesis :)

Anonymous said...

msti akk bwh en rosly(ma mentor)kn? kn?
nway nti tlg smpikn slm kt kak syikin (PA env)
kate dr 'nad ex-jiran meja dier'