Saturday, August 29, 2009

Book Rental

Last week, while waiting for a meeting to start I walked around Amcorp Mall and found a nice book rental store on the 4th floor called My Book Place.

Walking around it made me realize that even though I love books and novels, often when I buy them I would only read them once (exception for Harry Potter books - that's for collection too). Since I won't get to meet Gta or Illy that often anymore, I can't borrow their novels... so this is quite a good option. For a novel, I would normally have to pay about RM35 each... but renting cost RM5 each... so is it worth it? I think yes if you're only gonna read it once anyway.

This little store got a nice review by NST... and since I think I'll be having more meetings in that area in the future, it really was a nice discovery.

Another interesting store is Q'reazant Literary Rental Store. It's supposedly located not far from my office, but I have not yet try to find it. What's interesting is the fact it provides the service of rent-by-mail... for an annual fee of RM120, you could rent 2 books per time with no added post charge and no penalty for late returns. Its website even provide a complete catalog of whatever books you want to rent.

I have not tried this service yet myself, maybe not for now since I'm still living in somewhat bandar area (to En Azizan... ye, ni bandar ye, bkn kampung =P)... but it's a nice option to have in case if I have to work in some far-off area in the future.


Jazlin Ernida said...

u have meeting near to amcorp mall? u kerja dekat mana syefi? johnson & johnson sekangkang kera je dari amcorp haha.

[Azizan Ramly] said...

mcam kampung je, leh nampak ayam jalan2 ... hehe :P kadang2 nampak siput babi melintas, ade kera lagi..

kalau bukan kg, zoo kot.. hehe :P

sms_topaz said...

alin: ye ke? waa... leh visit u nx time~! =D kte keje kat bangi, tp kekadang ada meeting at PJ tower or Amcorp tower tu. nnti nx time I go there kte roger2 ye =) huhu

azizan: zoo?! hehe...kampung ke? my postcode start ngan 5, so means KL la =P huhu. ermm...kera tu no comment tp ayam memana pun ada kn

iLLy said...

amcorp mall...

dekat dimata, tak pernah pergi lagi..

tp pernah dgr la the book rental shop tu. mcm menarik je

FdausAmad said...

Gua nak ajak lu dtg lepak blog gua.Rilek rilek.