Friday, August 21, 2009

Thanks Mak & Abah... =)

Last nite, after dinner, my parents start to bukak citer2 when we were small and how difficult it was to jaga each and every one of us. I found out we were eEeEevil as kids... hahaha.

To mak and abah,

I'm sorry for crying non-stop every night (without fail~!) for 6 months when I was a baby and disrupted your time (and maksu's, nenek's, maklong's and acik's time as well) to get rest and some sleep. It must had been a nightmare to bear that every single night (note: no, the Ahmad Al-Bab trick did not work :P).

I'm sorry that you have to chase after me everyday before going to work.

I'm sorry for quarelling with Afiq everyday bila balik from sekolah agama. I found it was easier to kejut him bangun tidur dalam bus by just main cubit...

I'm sorry for meletupkan budak lain punya belon masa kat pasar malam.

I'm sorry for sengaja ram my bike into Afiq's bike when he refused to masuk rumah. I didn't mean for him to fall off his bike, and luka and berdarah kepala sampai kene jahit.

Hmm... I'm sure the list of what I had done is a hundred times longer than that. To add to that, Afiq, Izzat and Mubin were no little angels either.

So... thank you for the tonnes of patience that you have to raise us up. Thank you for never spoiling us with money. Thank you for marah and rotan us when you had to. Thank you for all your support and encouragements. Eventhough we still have a very long way to go, we wouldn't be who we are or where we are today without you.

I love you both very much :)

P.S.: Hoping my own kids nanti won't be as nakal as I was :P huhu


[Azizan Ramly] said...

tu mcm gambar CEO Mitco je tu.. Ya dad eh.. wakakka

Sweet_Purple said...

Wakakaka...tumpang gelak jap arr...hehehe :-p~~~

sms_topaz said...

eh ye ke? kebetulan muka nak sama kot :P

sengal ye korang..huhu.. :P

iLLy said...

ahmad al-bab rupenye budak ni....

kecik2 pun dah tunjuk potensi jadi akak gangster. :P

sms_topaz said...

illy... mana ada gangster... kecik2 je jahat, besar dh jd sweet n innocent :P hehe

sHeEpIeS said...

fiqa, your kids are going to be double as troublesome as you la!

and omg!! i miss you! and your parentttsssss!!! and your brothers. although they're all probably 500metres taller than me. and mubin isnt a cute baby anymore. *sigh*

[Azizan Ramly] said...

isnyaAllah anak2 die akan jd disiplin cam bapak die :P wak

sms_topaz said...

raudhah kejam~! hehe :P aww...raudhah, miss u too!!! love it when u get so excited n ckp 100words per minute in one breath...hahaha. tell me when u're coming to singapore or malaysia... cant wait to see u again~!

anak2 akn disiplin mcm bapak die ye? :P hehe... bapak dia tu kecik2 dulu disiplin x? :P

sHeEpIeS said...

hahaha! 100 words a minute!? you ingat eh.
ill be back in singapore in december! COME COME! first couple of weeks!