Friday, July 24, 2009

Bits and pieces...#2

1. Hmm... it's been a while since I update this blog. First of all, I wanna wish Happy Birthday to Spongebob Squarepants~! hehe. It was his 10th birthday last week... and Nickelodeon put on non-stop marathon of the cartoon :D Love this show... who would have thought a show about a sponge living in a pineapple under the sea would be such a hit~!

2. At last~! hasil tangan cross-stitchku (which took 5 years to siapkan~!!! :P) is finally framed and hanged on the wall... happy :D Credits to emak for sponsoring the frame. ..huhu :) next project bila pulak siap? :P

3. This is now the third week I'm working at TNB Research. It has nice working environment, and considering they don't have that much staff, I get my own room~! huhu... I was really really really suprised on my 1st day... no other company would provide a personal room for a new executive!

Overall work has been ok... the only hard part for me is having to wake up much earlier than everyone else and leave home at 630am due to the distance and to avoid morning traffic jam. Balik pun another hour on the road. Tapi... bila found out Kak Zai pun kene leave home at 645am... it's good to know I'm not alone in such situation after all. Dr Fadhilah Kamsah kata (which we HAD to watch masa friday morning talk today) instead of complaining and being down bout the distance and bgun awal sume, be thankful and bersyukur you actually have a job and change your daily routine. :) I should be used to it soon...

4. Just finished reading Bidadari Dari Timur (borrowed from my dear). Nice book and gives great motivation :) Tuan Sabariah Tuan Ishak is definitely a good role model.. her kesabaran, ketabahan and modesty are amazing. Thank you for lending it... :)

5. I guess I've been thinking too much lately... bout my study loan, the new policy on marriage, career opportunity here... In the end, I guess better quit stressing and solve it when it comes nanti. I know what I want in life and money is not my main priority. Dapat this job pun rezeki and ada hikmahnyer... hmm... who knows... let's just see what happens next :)

6. Had great time eating sushi with my dear, since dah lama sgt tak makan... (sadly, my family members majority tak mkn) ...would love to learn how to make them... huhu. I guess we should have bought that sushi set at MPH after all :P nak minta ex-housemates tlg ajar~!


iLLy said...


rindu la sushi yg kath, na, chunk and faezah buat.

HARITH said...

hurmm..happy ngn keje..ok la least dh dpt keje..stay j kat least my chances to get into pet would rise a bit..hehe although the result dah xnk reveal sb x ckup 3 minggu..doakn i got a placement this Tuesday when I will call pet.HRM..huhu

Jazlin Ernida said...

wah hebatnye kamu boleh buat cross stitch tu. i yang kecik kecik boleh la, scenery memang failed. complicated gile!

happy working, syefi :)

sms_topaz said...

illy: rindu juge~ diorng rajin buat.. kte plak rajin mkn :P

harith: alhamdulillah dah dpt :) doakn kamu all the best.

alin: xde hebat pun...sbb tu 5 tahun baru nak siap~! hahaha. nx crossstitch ni my brothers bet lebih 7 tahun br siap!
happay working to u too :D

helmi said...


I found your blog while searching for more info about Tnb R&d and was wondering how long did it take for Tnbr to confirm your placement after the interview?

Cause I had an interview with them 2 weeks ago and still haven't heard anything from them.

ps: nice blog btw

sms_topaz said...

helmi: thx for d comment :) if im not mistaken, for my case, it took them about 3 weeks to a month to confirm the placement.

but even after that they wld still keep your profile for future reference (as being done in my unit), in case they wld need more manpower or ada kekosongan nanti...

Helmi said...

sms_topaz: are you gonna resign from tnbr this December?..cause you look just like the girl who said she's gonna resign in the friday morning talk..

sms_topaz said...

yes.... that was me. so that means you got the job at TNBR after all =) congratz~! have fun working here.