Monday, June 1, 2009


Ok...let's play a game, spot which part of the scenes below is educating a student:

Scene 1:
Examiner 1: What is the boiling point of MEA?
Student: I'm sorry sir, I don't remember (ok, fine... the student's fault there), but you can refer to my report, I've included it there.
Examiner 1: Where? I don't see it!
Student: Please refer to so-and-so section sir.
Examiner 1: How is it you don't remember? I want you to guess the value.
Student: I don't have it memorized sir.
Examiner 2: Is it below 100 or above 100?
Student: Below 100 i think sir....
Examiner 1: Wrong! (duuuuhhhhh........I already said I don't remember) It's 170 degC ... so it's above 100!
Examiner 2: Do you even remember your own name?!

Scene 2:
Student is trying hard to smile, to hide the fact that deep down wishing the the Death Note is in hand.
Examiner 1: I'm talking to you, why are you smiling? This is no laughing matter. If you were my staff I would have fired you already!

Scene 3:
Examiner 1: Do you want to pass or fail this course? (hahaha... I though this guy is SUPPOSE to be smart?!)
Student: I would like to pass, sir.
Examiner 1: Why do you deserve to pass?
Student: Because I've put hard work and my best effort to it.
Examiner 2: In real world, hard work and sincerity are not enough. You did not produce good result, I think you should fail.
Student: Sir, bad results are still result. Thomas Edison tried about 99 times to create the light bulb... he didn't fail 99 times, he found out 99 ways of how not to do it!
Examiner 1: Yes...but he learned from his mistake
Student: So did I.... I've proven (bla bla bla ...)

As you might have guessed, that student was me. All that happened during my FYP final presentation. That would be the worst presentation I have ever done and provided me with a good reason wanting to grad ASAP. I can accept constructive criticism openly (as done in OM, Fluid Mech, PCS and PDP presentations)... but that?!

I honestly don't see which part of it is educating. Plus, if I'm so smart and can produce excellent data given the condition I was in, I wouldn't be terhegeh2 trying to complete my degree, would I?!

P.S.: Thousand thanks to my dearest and bestest friend for the happy food... roti naan with ayam tandoori and Sushi King the next day really cheered me up. See what happy food can do... turns you from sad to happy and if you're already happy to happier~! =D


Jazlin Ernida said...

huhu i heard about your presentation. takpela syefi, dia nak psycho je tu kot. huhu. hopefully everything will be ok :)

iLLy said...

takpe fiqa...

yang penting, naan dah dalam perut..

moroka said...

Sabar je la fiqa, mmg diorang dh tereducated sangat kot sampai nk tegur cara berhemah pun dh x tau mcm mana. I hope that everything will be alright.

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

dat was really u?? coollll :D i mean yeah, really cool :D strong enuf 2 come out wif thomas edison theory lg~~ at lez u've said sumthin dat he/she shud listen ;) but i beliv, cikgu 2 tgh ade prob let him or her b ye.most imptn, dh nk grad daaaa :D chaiyukkk!!!!

sms_topaz said...

thx everyone~!!! terharu...insyaAllah evrything would turn out ok. Yup2 illy... perut penuh sng hati =D
and yea... i think maybe examiner tu tgh ada problem ngan family or boss dia kot...who knows kn kak faeeza =)

Husna said...

i thought my presentation yang paling teruk, u punye lagi horror rupenye! tape2, derang tanye je lebey tapi marks ok..~