Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bargain hunt ~ =D

When I went out with my dear rumet today, I was surprise that the bus ticket from Bangsar LRT station to Midvalley is now RM2!!! It used to be only 50 sen (back when I was in Form 5) !!! That's 4 kali ganda dah naik harga!!! And uncle taxi (who was extremely nice) warned us that soon taxi starting charge would be RM3!

Adding salt to the wound... cross-stitch benang now cost RM1.50 each! It cost only 80 sen back when I first started...~ Sedihnyer, my mom commented it seems as though it's not worth it to continue doing it any more.

So, the more reason to go bargain hunting and aim for sales whenever possible. I read an article in The Star aper newspaper a few days ago about warehouse booksale and why consumers should take advantage of that. The columnist managed to buy 100 books with average price of about RM7 each! Giler jeles...

I just want to share these two websites I found... they give updates on where warehouse sales and stock clearance can be found around Malaysia (especially KL):

The sites had made both Gta and Alin tension gler... hahaha... maaf~ =P

P.S.: Uncle taxi tu pesan klau nak go from Midvalley to Bangsar station naik taxi, exit from the South Court, it's cheaper coz closer distance. And rumet sorry... being guided by KLite yg sesat around KL wasn't exactly the plan =P


reSya said...

it was fun ok~~ x thrill rr klu tade 'adventure' skit2. hahaha~

bkn north court ke? da lupe pakcik tu pesan ape~ hahaha~

Jazlin Ernida said...

haha i dah lama tau pasal blog shoppingnsales tu. dulu masa intern boleh jugak la nak pergi, tapi sekarang, aaaa. tengok je lah kan. kalau dpt pergi pun belum tentu duit ada sobs.

iLLy said...


thru that blog i just discovered that i missed the popular sale yesterday.


Husna said...

yang duk trg ni lagi tade harapan!

sms_topaz said...

resya: erm... i know he meant d court yg xde Dome cafe tu. huhu. adventure la sgt... jijan sronok gler gelak bila dpt tau...ceh =P

alin: masa intern dulu bynk u shopping sakan? tp setuju2...nw kene saving, tkut lambat lg dpt keje kn.

illy: sabar ye... hehe. it says d perfume sale would be around area subang jaya nnti... u cld drag ur mom n sis~ =P

na: apa lg kamu...jom2 dtng kl~! huhu. bleh tlg buat kek lg nnti =D

HARITH said...

haih~ girls in giving direction..

pasal sales and x d maknanya..tgk2 keje ngan pet x tgk dh website tu..ada duit berkenan beli je..xkn x kenal dak2 utp cam ne~ ji ji ji

sms_topaz said...

harith, kamu lyn SNSD gak ke? hehe. Hmm... btul gak, kekadang klau dah tension sgt, beli je, retail therapy helps =P nnti lps tu tension balik sbb dah over-budget plak.