Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lapang sebelum sempit...~

I just submitted my FYP report last week, so kiranyer I'm done with my responsibility as a student. There's so many things I want to do, so far I've only managed to finish the novel Kite Runner (thanks rumet bagi pinjam =D) and bake these:

Comments to my baking skill? Hmm... my mom and Azizan said "xpela... baru blaja" =). My brother, Izzat loves anything sweet, so he doesn't complain much. The best comments would be from my brother, Mubin. A few days ago, he said "When I look at your face kakak, I can taste failure"!!!! Hahaha. But then, just a few minutes ago (after baking that marble cake), he said "Honestly la kn...lg sedap dr mak punyer"! Hehehe... terharu~!

At the moment, I'm not allowed to look for any temporary jobs (I wanted to jadi guru sandaran), at least not until the exam results are out. The house is a complete mess thanks to the renovation, and I'm more needed to be home accompanying my mom and clean the house. So that kinda gives me plenty of time to do whatever it is that I wanna do. The only downside to that... no income.

And what are the so many things that I wanna do? Huhu. Here it goes: learn arabic, finish cross-stitch, finish reading novels (yg beli tp x baca2 lg), learn french, learn cooking, learn baking, learn mandarin, watch kenichi, learn adobe photoshop, watch full metal alchemist, do proper household account for my mom, finish reading the tafsir, complete house cleaning, do volunteering work for charity, learn sewing, learn aikido. Hmm... quite a list~!!!

Sementara still lapang ni... I'll just try to do whatever possible kn. Fighting~! =)

P.S.: That picture is edited through and photoscape. Hehe. Mmg beginner's level of editting la... =P


HARITH said... income? Ikhlaskn niat..sudah tentu Allah mengurniakn pahala dan memanjangkn lg masa berada di rumah..hargailah masa y ada di rumah berkhidmat mahupun berbanting tulang dan berbasah peluh membahagiakn keluarga..nnt dh keje dan berumah tangga masih ada masakah kta utk keluarga kita; mak dan ayah? InsyaAllah sama2 berusaha ke aray y lebih baik dan menjadi anak y soleh dan solehah..amin

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

rajinnnyee dieeee bake cake :D haa, ble la post kat akak sket ;p

iLLy said...

nmpk sedap...

kene pergi rase ni

sms_topaz said...

harith: thx kamu...ikhlas la ni... tp no income still terasa, dah 5 years dpt rm500 evry month, tetiba kosong~! huhu.

kak faeeza: xmo post...segan. huhu. saya budak baru belajar... nnti bila dh pro i'll post ye. heheh.

illy: i can give you recipe, but i think something is out... maybe u cld find out wat.