Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pelik ke?

A few days ago, while taking out my laundry, my colleague accidently saw I had a Quran in my luggage bag (we were switching hotels in Skudai at that time). He was suprised and said "ada lagi ye orang macam ni? bagus la". Really?! Pelik sangat ke? He asked why do I bring it along? Do I always bring it along when I travel?

To be honest, I'm quite suprise by his questions. Pelik sangat ke bawa Quran? Why do I bring it along? Sebab takut hantu ke? (huh? klau bawa je boleh halau ke???) Ntah la... but I know klau dah lama tak baca, rasa rindu nak baca balik. My reading is way far from perfect, I sometimes don't even read the translation so I don't know what I'm reading... but I just like to read it... rasa calm. I'm not that pious, but I'm blessed to be around people who reads Quran (as a normal habit)... my brothers, my parents and my dear.

I'm not writing this with the intention to say I'm good or whatever.... far from it in fact. I'm just wondering where / how the general Muslims these days place Quran in their lives? Only for prayer? Or whenever someone passed away? This morning I found out my Christian colleague brought along his Bible with him. Shouldn't we be embarrassed?


reSya said...

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Izzat Saleh said...

Islam came as something wierd and will end as something wierd...