Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back in skudai

Yup, I'm back in Skudai, but this time for project work. After doing a 12-hour shift I guess I should really just go to bed, but my stomach is too full right now...haih... anyway, here's my ramblings for today~(considering I had hours just menonton the reactor tadi, I had plenty of time to think about random stuff =P)

1. Saw this on today's newspaper:

Seriously what?! The guy is being so damn generous to give $28-billion to charity and these people are talking how this would cost him his Forbes title?! Who cares! He's helping so many people (as compared to keeping all the wealth to himself...sampai mati pun tak abis duit tu). I know I like watching the Forbes list on E! for entertainment purpose, but I simply love what Mr. and Mrs. Gates are doing here...hope they'll continue on the effort and inspire others to follow (I understand even Warren Buffet is joining in to help the Gates Foundation! nice =D)! Don't give a toot about the list k!

2. Here, I just want to vent off something... Today alone I got asked the same question again and again (I guess walking around the "digi" suit in UTM really attracts attention, especially since I'm a girl) ... which I don't really mind. But it gets annoying when someone said something like..."oooh patut la blaja kat UTP, memang la dapat keje situ" with that certain tone in their voice. I mean Seriously lady?! Since when studying in that university and getting the scholarship gives you the golden ticket to work in the company? And who says working for the company is a walk in the park?! And what's with you asking "baru 24? keje engineer???" in that tone... if you meant it as a compliment, then thank you, but it doesn't seem like one. And another thing...what's with you bragging your friend didn't get accepted by this same company but got into a different O&G company... seriously I don't care! Thank goodness I have enough sense to be polite and smile the whole time.

3. I finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird within 2 days of 'menonton' reactor. huhu~! Tomorrow I'll start on The Alchemist...good thing I've brought my stock of novels to read =) (book reviews coming soon~)

4. Earth Hour is coming again~! Don't forget to switch off your lights on this 26th March at 8.30pm.

5. Would like to experience watching a play at Istana Budaya~ Will Lat the Muzikal be worth the trouble?

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reSya said...

'menonton' reactor! hahahaha!