Friday, January 14, 2011

My ramblings...

My first entry for 2011... didn't even bother to write bout 2010 in summary or about my new year resolution... hmm... anyway, here are things going through my head (it is possible that it's on influence of Nescafe):

1. I am annoyed if I go to have a meal with someone and he / she starts playing with the phone the whole time. It doesn't matter whether you're surfing the internet (on your so-cool smart phone), or chatting, or playing games... it's a no no NO~! Answering a call or replying to a text can still be tolerated. I've gone through this so many times that I guess I'm used to it... but I still don't like it. Table manners people!

2. Feel like dancing when the radio puts on 'Love Like Whoa' or that 'We Speak No Americano' song... =P catchy tunes...~

3. I don't like to update my Facebook status that often... maybe cause then everyone would read it... and that means EVERYONE... old schoolmates, officemates, makcik2, cousins, potential in-laws... But then people can always read this blog you say... yea, but who really bothers to read this blog, except maybe Geets or Illy (you girls still do right? gosh... I sound so pathetic =P)

4. If you come to Johor, you MUST visit Tanjung Piai. You'll learn so much about the importance of mangroove forest (hutan paya bakau) to our eco-system, and about the plants and animals there. But hey... we all know the main attraction is really the fact that it's the Southern-Most Tip of Mainland Asia! It's practically like climbing the Everest! (ok la Kinabalu maybe)... only not.

5. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to get the 3-months attachment at UTM Skudai. I've learned way so much about membranes. Will really miss this place, and the people here, and the working environment here (we get to punch in at 9am and wear T-shirts to work... how cool is that!).

6. Need to save money seriously this year... like damn serious (or Geets would say like serious shit!)

7. Which btw, I haven't seen Geets physically (I've seen her pictures on FB obviously) for a year now... it's been a year and a half since graduation, and it's been a year PIPE... but I love that we still chat with each other EVERY SINGLE DAY!

8. My dad's birthday is next week and I have no idea what to get for him... hmmm...

9. Teringin sangat nak makan limau mandarin right now... especially klau dengar iklan Chinese New Year on the radio.

10. Better get back to report writing... ~ as Paris Hilton would say (on her BFF show... yea, I can't believe I've been watching it for 4 consecutive weeks... but in my defense there was nothing better on TV...)... anyway... TTYM~!


reSya said...

u've mentioned my name 3 times..

guess you miss me that much, huh? bwahaha~~

Anonymous said...

Came to your blog by accident this morning, and just wanted to say hello from North Carolina in the United States. :) T

iLLy said...

duhhh~~~ obviously la masih bace. I'm so flattered u mention me once.

that means u miss me. haha. ;)

sms_topaz said...

to Anonymous, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :) have a great day!

met n illy... OF COURSE i miss you! duuhhhh...~ :P