Friday, December 10, 2010

Must-watch movies

I know I've missed a few great movies this year... No, I haven't watch Inception yet (gasp!!!), and I watched 'How to Train a Dragon' way after everyone already seen it. But fortunately, it's almost the end of the year where so many movies have come out ... and here's some that I think are a really-must-watch~!

1. Let Me In
Ok, to be honest, I only agreed to go watch this movie at the cinema with Yana cause I thought it was rated U (I mean how terrifying can it be if it's rated U right?! =P)... turns out it was actually 18PL. Anyway, I don't regret watching it.. I only don't enjoy the gore parts, but other than that it's a really really good story. And those kids are amazing actors! It's a definite 4.5/5!
2. Megamind
Picked by my dear. Nice story, I think it's kinda cute =) A 3.5/5.

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
I'm a self-proclaimed Harry Potter fan, I've read every single one of the books, and re-read some of them again... but honestly I don't think the movie is that great. I find the movie to be slow (so I'm not suprised if anyone almost fall asleep during those scenes where they were at the forest). Since there's a bit more drama to it, you kinda realise they could have done better with their acting (the kids in Let Me In acting performance are better than Harry's and Ron's), and I think Voldermort need to be more evil~!!! He looks kinds nice in the movie... he is supposed to be the most feared one where no one even dare to say his name... he should be more evil looking~! Anyway, my favourite HP movie is still the 3rd one... as for this one, I guess it's a 2/5.
4. Rapunzel
I think in some countries they call it Tangled. Just watched this with my dear yesterday... love it~! Every character is cute and charming... it's such a sweet Disney movie (reminds you of the old Disney cartoons) and it's funny! I just find it kinda weird to have them singing out of nowhere (it's because it's a Disney, I know). Overall, an almost 5/5.

5. Social Network
I enjoy watching this. I know it's not really 100% based on facts (you can easily Google and find out more), but there is still truth to it. It's cool to see how Facebook started out, from just an idea and expanded so fast. The guy playing Mark is great... he looks cooler (or even more of a jerk) than the actual Mark Zuckerberg~ huhu. It's a 4/5.

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