Sunday, January 16, 2011


"Most experts would agree that if you can’t effectively lead yourself, then you can’t effectively lead other individuals, groups or organizations. If you’re continually changing your priorities and can’t effectively address most of them, then the rest of the world will seem to be a confusing mess to you, as well. Others will soon become confused about your priorities, including for them. You’ll soon lose credibility and your ability to lead." - excerpt from an article written by Julia Fabris Mcbride.

OK... I don't know who Ms. Mcbride is, but what she says is right. I remember back in PIPE, one of the OPUs CEO came over for a talk session with us. What I remember most was that he said
"If you can't lead yourself off from your bed and your blanket in the morning for the Subuh prayer, how can you lead others in an organization?" ... very impactful words indeed.
This year, I hope to lead and manage myself better... in terms of managing finances, relationships, work, also in terms of keeping fit physically, mentally and spiritually. So that's my resolution for 2011 =)