Sunday, April 3, 2011


I was listening to a song by Westlife, called The Dance, when I suddenly thought of my pakcik. Part of the song's lyric goes like this:

And now I'm glad I didn't know

The way it all would end, the way it all would go

Our lives are better left to chance

I could have missed the pain

But I'd have to miss the dance

You see, my pakcik went along with my parents to go umrah recently. He was over the moon, overjoyed to get the chance to visit the Ka'abah; he even took initiatives to jog before going to get his stamina up. By Allah's will, a few days after he returned back from umrah, his wife passed away. It got me thinking.... if he knew his wife would be going away soon, would he have gone on the trip (the trip that had made him so happy)? Or would he had stayed and be with her during the last weeks of her life?

But alas...we're merely human and knows not of our fate. Reading La Tahzan, it stresses that we should never even question 'if this or this happen'... as everyhing is predetermined, and all we can do is be patient.

As a lesson for myself.... never take things for granted, appreciate everything, live life to the fullest, but always remember death. You could be so happy one day, but you never know whether you would still be alive the next day.

May Allah bless her. Al-Fatihah...

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