Sunday, August 15, 2010! =P

Met schedule to get my crossstitch done by June!!! huhu... and finally it is framed! Uncle yg buat frame tu pun baik je layan nk warna merah la, frame warna brown la... sgt happy k! Now dah tergantung kat living room ... klau nak tengok jemput datang raya nnti =P hehehe

My next project (target complete by end of this year~ =p):

P.S.: Met, klau kamu nak design bunga tu ckp je k. I wld love your fruit basket by the way.


reSya said...

do remind me nk amik design fruits basket tu bile kte balik raya nnt. hahaha~

reSya said...

oooo no wonder i didnt see my comment. it had to be approved by u first~ please delete unnecessary comments td. hahahaha~ XD

sms_topaz said...

hahaha... sorry met, had to change the setting coz there was too much spam in the comments before this. nnti bila kamu balik nk pow ur novels gak~ :) huhu