Sunday, July 25, 2010


I haven't update for sometime now... even thought of giving up blogging altogether, but then I like the thought being able to express my feelings or views to the world... although I don't do it much anyway.

1st half of the year been a roller coaster ride. There've been way too many things happening. Things that made me so happy. Things that made us cry and feel meluat. Things that made me completely lost my loyalty and changed my view towards something. Things that motivate me. Things that made me love you even more. And things that brought the family closer. Hmm... very vague I know...

Still another the half year to go... I'm looking forward the end of it. Hope the plan jadi =)

Anyway.... here's what I'm reading now:

My verdict: Not as good as Da Vinci Code... but I still have a quarter more to go. Hope the ending is good.

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