Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fruit basket, cats and goodbye~

Hahaha... weird title kan! Evil minded people (yes, I'm referring to you, En Azizan) would be thinking of putting the cats into fruit basket and sending them off goodbye! =P well... too bad I'm not (and won't!!!) be doing that.

Ok... let's start off with fruit basket...

I had to help my mom pack these fruit baskets today, since my parents wanted to go visit a family friend and my aunt who are not well. Everything was ready...baskets, fruits, wrapping papers, ribbons... sadly, no talent was available! haha. So, below are the outcomes after a long time of trying... I need your opinion... so, please rate them both based on the scale below:
1 - Please for the sake of humanity don't ever attempt doing it ever again!
2 - Kesian those people... yang sakit jadi lagi sakit seeing that
3 - Boleh la tu... at least the fruits can still be eaten
4 - Good = )
5 - Boleh bukak business!!!! hahaha

Next... cats! I've always thought people who write or post pictures of their cats on their blogs or facebook are as somewhat coo-coo =P haha... now, I'm infected. For those who do not have pets, you have no idea how adorable and stress relieving they can be =) here are the three cats that are currently dominating the house now:

Name given by mak: Selamba
Name we call it: Meow... or now also known as Gemuk :P
Personality: Ma'am besar dalam rumah, starts to mengamuk klau tak dpt ikan (ikan tenggiri tak makan...preferbly ikan kembong and will even attempt to steal), penakut, busybody (penyebuk klau kucing2 lain kat luar bergaduh).

Name given by mak: Sally (but since it might be could be Sam or Salim =P)
Name we call it: Putih... or Hitam... or Gemuk2
Personality: Sleeps a lot, sangat manja (will sleep on your laps or tummy anytime), not afraid to kene mandi, likes menghancurkan tissue, and will sit on the newspaper everytime you're reading it!

Name given by mak: Kathy
Name we call it: Kucing kecik... or just Kecik
Personality: Loves ikan too, peneman setia (will wait until mak is done cooking or sidai baju), ada ciri2 hunter =P (but afraid of En. Azizan)

Lastly... I want to say goodbye to my dear Swatch...

Dearest Swatch,
I first had you on my wrist back when I was in Form 4, I was damn happy. You were blue at that time. Later when your strap was getting worse, I had to change it to pink and later to dark brown. I even made sure your face was scratchless...
I'm sorry I had taken you along for swimming... your time stop right at about 6pm, when you were submerged underwater.. I didn't know you were not fit to be underwater at that time.
You've been my true companion and best assistant... being there through my SPM and every single exam in UTP. You were also there to remind me of my interviews and meetings. Thank you...

Love, Syafiqa.

P.S.: I sound crazy! haha


iLLy said...
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iLLy said...

rating: 4. belom boleh bukak bisnes lagi, tp kalau i sakit i want one. or when i give birth nnt. whichever comes first. hahaha.

i write about my kitties too! hehehe

and lastly, goodbye swatch and my condolences for ur loss. hopefully u'll get a new and better companion

reSya said...

kte gelak gile bace entry ni. hahahahaha. are u under caffeine when typing this???

anyway, sally nye prangai cam kucing kte name fluffy yg da arwah tu. RIP.

Husna said...

sally ngan kathy kembar ke? cam same jek..~!!