Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jangan marah-marah

1. When there's a huge lorry in front of you, middle lane, moving at a very slow speed sedangkan terang2 peraturan states 'kenderaan berat ikut kiri'...
Hmm... maybe driver lorry concerned about equilibrium weight of jalanraya tu kot... takut berat sgt kat kanan or kiri nanti rosak jalan plak.

2. When the car behind you follows so close barely 10cm apart
Ala... driver tu nak rush pergi toilet, sakit perut salah makan malam tadi... sian dia

3. When the car in front of you takes up both lanes
Driver tu baru je tukar spec mata baru, so tak nampak clearly lane mana dia masuk, dia baru nak get adjusted...xpe2

4. When cars change lanes and directions without giving signal
Dia nak save energy lampu bulb signal dia tu, nak save duit nak bawa mak ayah gi jejalan...baik dia tu pikirkn parents dia

5. When orang sibuk2 tanya or give comment to your personal life or non-stop tanya dah dapat kerja ke belum or sibuk2 risau you know how to cook tak
Ala... orang tu tgh boring sebab nothing exciting is happening, so you're the source of entertainment... leh je ajak dia join layan Super Junior or SNSD or drama2 korea or anime2 jepun... or tak payah layan pun xpe, nanti dia cari source of entertainment baru

6. When orang think you got the scholarship or job sebab guna cable ayah/ uncle/ mama/ auntie/ pakcik/ pakngah/ atok/ nenek/ kaklong etc...
Don't even bother listening, nanti when u're the GM, MD or CEO, blm tentu you wld recruit dia pun...hehehe

7. When your favourite show is on tapi hujan lebat so ASTRO rosak
Xpe... tu provide opprtunity to do some reading or borak2 with family members

8. When your meow poops bawah almari
Alang2 it gives the reason to mop the whole floor... jaga kebersihan tu baik

9. When your brother/ sister ruins your favourite baju
Dah slalu sgt pun pakai baju tu... now opportunity nak pakai baju lain plak, or even better leh gi shopping =P

10. When your boss gives you extra bertambah2 kerja when he found out you're resigning soon

Be happy... that means eventhough you only work there for 4 months, you're considered a valuable asset and reliable staff and all your works are appreciated... and will definitely be missed when gone =)


"Medical experts found that anger reduces the capacity of heart to pump blood. It will damage heart muscles. This is the reason why people get heart attack when they are extremely angry.

Anger may also affect the skin. If any one has got anger often then they may suffer from rashes, acne and other skin problems. The facial skin will have wrinkles when one gets angry often.

So an extremely anger person will get aged look soon." quote taken from link


iLLy said...

senyum itu penawar duka

Husna said...

kt pon slalu cakap mcm tu tapi after dah marah2..~ ;D

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

resign?goin where ;) ? i ges must b pet.othrwise, xkn la ble jd 1 of da point "jgn mrh2 when orang think you got the scholarship or job sebab guna cable ayah/ uncle/ mama/ auntie/ pakcik/ pakngah/ atok/ nenek/ kaklong etc... ". biarkn mereka~ biase lee manusia kn2 ;) ganbattene!!!

sms_topaz said...

illy: stuju... plus, laughter is the best medicine :)

na: hehe... kte juge~! :P

kak faeeza: blog entry itu xde kaitan antara yg hidup atau mati atau yg belum lahir :P hehe

yup, i'll be resigning in a month time, xde duit nk byr hutang pet beribu2. huhu. thx kak faeeza :)