Monday, April 20, 2009

It's April... =)

It's my fave month (siapa dpt teka why?! =P)... and yet sadly, there's too much to things to be done. Tp... being a typical UTPian... I tend to do some other things as well... huhu.

I Watched:

Slumdog Millionaire - great movie~! Its a movie about hardship, love, friendship and most importantly: hope. IMO it's definitely a must-watch...the story is great, the pictures, the music... all so good (there's no dancing2 like the typical Hindi movie).

Liar Game - a japanese series about a game where you need to manipulate and lie to win (it's not like Survivors tu la...) The people in this game are desperate to save themselves... if they lose, they end up in huge debt. The games involved are all so weird (like the Minority Voting) and a lot of tricks and mind games are being used. This is as good as Death Note. =)

Stardust - chick flick + adventure. Nice movie (the kinds x payah pikir) bila dah tension buat mechanical design! huhu...

I Read:
Finished reading the Twilight Saga... nice story... too bad the Volturi didn't die pun in the end.

I do Tag (by Gta):
5 perkara tentang orang yang tag saya (tukar rule sendiri =P) :
1- Single and available - dah ada orang merisik tp dia jual mahal...huhu

2- Pandai bake orange cake.. siap dipuji lagi tuu...
3- Gets extremely hyper after 1pm
4- Immune to caffeine
5- Level 5 mybrute player

5 perkara tentang diriku:
1- Afraid of height
2- Has a habit of picking out ice cubes, which annoy Jijan =P
3- Has a theory of how the no. of snails in campus is inversely proportional to the no. of cats... can't do further research since dah kene marah main angkat2 snails...
4- Not very good at reverse parking to left (klau to the right expert gler... boleh timing lg~! =P)
5- Honestly, truly glad ada Plant Design Project... klau x, I won't appreciate all the things learned for the pass 5 years...~

I played:

I'm not exactly hooked on the game... tp it's fun and it's all autoplay. Harith introduced it, so I'm his student la kiranyer. I managed to get my brother, Mubin to play (he became my student plak)... but he ended up beating me... game yg gler unfair~! huhu...

Lastly...I must:
Complete mechanical design ASAP, do HI assignment, study for PO and HI tests, do PO project and report, and complete FYP report... hmm~ panic mode...

P.S.: A thousand THANK YOUs to beloved housemates + alin + khal + illy for the birthday cake...completely caught me by surprise... very sweet & thoughtful... thank you =) And thank you all for the wishes as well... esp to my darling family & bestest friend =)


HARITH said...

haha..ape nk komen td? watever la

first in the newly updated post with lots of things: review, tag, bday wishes..haha

happy belated cake for u coz there was no cake for me before..huhu Y_Y

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

aaa syafiqa! happy belated birthday :D
ALLAH bless u, always :D!

Illy said...

the cake was courtesy of your housemates...

I tumpang due belah kaki je...


ur pressie still on the way sbb i x keluar lagi

sms_topaz said...

thx kak faeeza =) n thx illy for d present =)

P.S.: mechanical design dh siap... hahaha! =P